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The technique to make purchases is very simple

1. On the home page click on the desired product category, for example - "Aromatherapy (essential oils)

2.After choosing needed product - add to cart.

3.In the upper left corner click on the heading "To Order"

When the product is at the bottom of the page, click "Assemble the order" does not appear, for this you need to move up.

4. Kl. "To Order"

5. Order, that fill all the required fields, including the address to be sent product, or products.

In the "address" - enter: street, house, apartment.

If the purchaser has a number Vivasan distributor, or the right to purchase products at a discount, under the heading "Additional Correct information 'please indicate your number distributor.

4.You make purchase any specific product, can also be from the "Price List" (top meny)

5. You can also order products by phone (tel.mob. +48501782111) ( in Russian, Polish and Ukrainian)

Prompt delivery throughout Europe. After Poland - package for downloading. The rest of the country - after the transfer to our bank account.

When ordering, only the first fivearbitrarily selected products, together with the ordered products will receive a "Registration Form Vivasan independent status from the number given by the distributor, which commits to nothing, but gives the right to permanently Vivasan production company purchases a 28,6% reduction in any office Vivasan around the world, at no extra charge in the future, throughout the period of use in the production Vivasan.

Important: 5 products need not be bought "on time". You can buy gradually accumulates until the fifth

Possession of a registration number of the independent agent Vivasan "gives access to training materials, a full range of information about products and company Vivasan, and gives you the right to cooperate with Vivasan, personal development and distribution of products Vivasan, so you can achieve financial independence.

Health and pleasant to use in the production Vivasan!

Vivasan increase the level of your health and quality of life. Partnering with Vivasan - is the road to financial independence.